The art of handcraftmanship

Am I getting old or this world has been taken over by the machine?  I've always been a hands-on type of person whether it's a big or small project, if you do it with your hands, it always turned out better.  I understand the efficiency and needs to get things done in a timely manner to cut down cost, but somehow I feel that the more advanced we are the further we get from the human touch.  Am I sad that this is happening everywhere I look?  Yes...  Where do those craftsmen or women go?  Were they able to transfer their skills down to their children and grandchildren?  I speak as if the later generations would even cared or interested in learning the craft.  During my trip to Vietnam a couple years back, I was excited to find that there are parts of the world who still use their hands to make things.  Life is simple and though they probably just make enough to get by, it's beautiful for me to see and wishing that my life is as simple.  Here are a few photos I took during my trip, the handy art of my favorite people in Hue, Vietnam.

Incense Village copy.jpg