Somewhere along the Pacific Northwest

Recent travel had brought me to the most beautiful place in America.  At least for the moment, it is still fresh in my mind.  I am a hopeless romantic, so if you throw me some beautiful flowers then I am completely swooned.  And Portland had brought me just that. The landscape was amazing, it's not manicured the way you would have thought.  They are more wildly grown with the variety that I have not seen.  I was in flower garden heaven!  My friend L and I, stayed in Sunnyside at an airbnb, my first time at an airbnb and it was a very pleasant experience.  The condo was beautifully decorated with a "graphic designer" approach to it.  So we guessed as we carelessly spent our weekend at someone else's house.  It was a bit strange at first to me, you can't help but make assumptions of what kind of person lives there by the things that they own.  Then you look at your house and wonder what people would think about you if they see your space without knowing who you are.  I digress... we walked everywhere with the occasion of hopping on the bus if the route happened to work with where we were heading.  I am glad that we walked most of our trip because we were able to appreciate all the nature that's surrounding us and find unexpected beautiful things along the way.  We explored this hipster-ish city where all men wear plaid, has a tattoo and a beard.  The most important part was that we added delicious new taste to our palate.  My second part of the trip brought me to the most beautiful part of Washington!  The drive from Seattle to Spokane and back.  I took everything as if if I've been deprived from nature all my life.  Living in NY will do that to you after a while.  One of my favorite trip so far...   

Below are photos I took from Portland around the neighborhoods and Portland Japanese Garden

The wind blew me on I-90 where my husband and I took a road trip from Seattle to Spokane, Washington.  Below are photos of the Snoqualmie Falls, pure magic!


Windmills along I-90

Vantage, Washington - where we found the Wild Stallion Sculpture up on the ridge above Columbia River

Upper Falls in Spokane, Washington


What I see along State Route 2 E