Flirty Fleurs

It's almost end of the summer and the thought of Autumn just around the corner is exciting yet depressing at the same time for me.  I love summer!!  Most of all, I love to wear breezy summer dresses!!  I decided to throw a summer party with flower theme.  Summer + Flowers = Happiness  I planned it out and even designed a special floral party invitation.  I went to the flower district in Manhattan to pick out a group of my favorite colorful silk flowers to make handmade floral headpieces.  I had a vision that all the girls will wear their beautiful floral dresses and crown with my handmade floral headpieces.  The boys hopefully would wear a flower shirt or something light, and I will make green leis for them.  And what's a party without food, so I came up with a full menu of home cooked little pretty finger food.  The overly ambitious me always think that I can pull this off.  And I am proud to say that I did!  The party was perfect, all of my favorite ladies showed up with their brightest floral dresses.  It was a perfect end to a happy summer of 2013.      

All food were made by me, please check out my food blog here for some of my other recipes.