What if in the future, every interaction you make will be via an electronic interface?  There's something really sad about losing the human touch.  Technology is a mean to enhance your life on certain level but not to take over the human touch.  Recently, I saw "HER" the movie directed by Spike Jonze.  In the movie, Theodore was clearly a romantic who works as a writer at a love letter service which write "handwritten" love letters for other people.  Now, the idea that someone else writes a love letter for you to send to your love ones is already strange for me.  Maybe, I am too old fashioned... if you feel the need to express your love to someone, you should take the time to sit down with a pen and paper and write it yourself!  But they are not even handwritten!  In the movie, the future of technology allows you to speak to the monitor and it will do the writing or typing for you.  Another great technological improvement on the user interface…  I am not against technology, but I am struggling to fight to keep the human interaction with other human being on a more personal level.  I am the one to pick up the phone to call if you are too far to reach to hear someone's voice.  I am the one to give the biggest squeezable hug.  A text, an unsigned Christmas Card with photos of your children, are a few of my not so favorite things.  Back to the movie, it made me sad that someday we might lose the human touch all together…  I wish people would go back to the way things used to be when you don't have to hide behind a monitor or a screen to actually talk and look into someone's eyes, and their facial expressions.  It's irreplaceable!  

This song so beautifully written by Karen O and performed together with Vampire Weekend's leading singer Ezra Koenig.  I can listen to this all day...