Never taken a dancing class in my life, but I appreciate the beauty of dancing especially the ballerina.  Valentine's day, we went to the NYC Ballet at the David H. Koch Theater, the venue is spectacular with the common space filled inlaid travertine marble staircase, antique brass railings, and gold-leaf ceiling.  It's absolutely stunning.  I like the classic solid design with few main materials that connects well.  It was designed by Architect Philip Johnson in the 60s.  It was indeed a fancy Valentine's date!  We saw Coppelia.  The costumes and the set was magnificent but the true beauty came from the dancers.  My first time at the ballet, and it sure will not be my last.  I was overwhelmed with admiration for the hard work and dedication that put into the performance.  And there were little ones dancing too!  They were the most adorable and talented little girls I've ever seen.

Photo courtesy of the NYC Ballet

Photo courtesy of the NYC Ballet

A friend of mine introduced me to The Ballerina Project on Instagram.  I immediately fell in love with the artistry and sophisticated forms of each and every photographs.  It's a great idea for the project because the setting was in such unusual places other than the decorated in door stages.  It's on the street, in nature, and even sometimes in someone's apartment.  I supposed you can virtually dance anywhere.  The dedication and discipline that goes into this art is immeasurable! 

Below are some photos from The Ballerina Project from Instagram:

Finally, guess where Audrey Hepburn gets her gracious form from?  Yes!  She was a classically trained ballet from a very young age.  She is one of my absolute favorite person in this world.