Flirty Fleurs

It's almost end of the summer and the thought of Autumn just around the corner is exciting yet depressing at the same time for me.  I love summer!!  Most of all, I love to wear breezy summer dresses!!  I decided to throw a summer party with flower theme.  Summer + Flowers = Happiness  I planned it out and even designed a special floral party invitation.  I went to the flower district in Manhattan to pick out a group of my favorite colorful silk flowers to make handmade floral headpieces.  I had a vision that all the girls will wear their beautiful floral dresses and crown with my handmade floral headpieces.  The boys hopefully would wear a flower shirt or something light, and I will make green leis for them.  And what's a party without food, so I came up with a full menu of home cooked little pretty finger food.  The overly ambitious me always think that I can pull this off.  And I am proud to say that I did!  The party was perfect, all of my favorite ladies showed up with their brightest floral dresses.  It was a perfect end to a happy summer of 2013.      

All food were made by me, please check out my food blog here for some of my other recipes.

The art of handcraftmanship

Am I getting old or this world has been taken over by the machine?  I've always been a hands-on type of person whether it's a big or small project, if you do it with your hands, it always turned out better.  I understand the efficiency and needs to get things done in a timely manner to cut down cost, but somehow I feel that the more advanced we are the further we get from the human touch.  Am I sad that this is happening everywhere I look?  Yes...  Where do those craftsmen or women go?  Were they able to transfer their skills down to their children and grandchildren?  I speak as if the later generations would even cared or interested in learning the craft.  During my trip to Vietnam a couple years back, I was excited to find that there are parts of the world who still use their hands to make things.  Life is simple and though they probably just make enough to get by, it's beautiful for me to see and wishing that my life is as simple.  Here are a few photos I took during my trip, the handy art of my favorite people in Hue, Vietnam.

Incense Village copy.jpg

Once upon a tiffany blue inspired wedding

Did you know that I can do flowers?  I used to be a florist during my high school years and throughout college as my part time job.  I also worked at an event planner company for a period in DC.  I did a couple of weddings mostly for family and friends when I used to live in Virginia.  Recently got a request to decorate a wedding and this brings back memories of me as a flower girl selling thousands of roses on Valentine's Day.  I digress...  One of my favorite was my niece's wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.  We pulled it through, she ordered the flowers, ribbons, vases that I needed and I flew in to make it happen.  I was also her make-up artist of the day so I was quite busy running around being her favorite auntie, second mom, sister, best friend...         

Flowers: Pink Peonies, White Roses, White Cymbidium Orchids, White Carnations

Flowers: Pink Peonies, White Roses, White Cymbidium Orchids, White Carnations

Glitz & Glam

I've been obsessed with all the tissues DIY craft projects that people posted on Pinterest for a while now.  From balloon streamers like Geronimo Balloons to sparkle garlands, I love them all.  Growing up naturally crafty myself, I can't imagine why people would spend that much money to purchase these when you can do it yourself at home.  There's something super girlie and cute about them that brings the little girl out of you when you are surrounded with fringes and sparkles.  The ultimate sparkles I came across is CONFETTISYSTEM!!  They are this duo artist | designer who make these incredible tissue paper creations.  I was excited to find out that they did an exhibit at PS1 MOMA.  It's on view now until the end of March, so make sure to check out if you live in the city.  It's a must see environment, I went today and it made me extremely HAPPY.

Photos by Hao Lam