Trying something new...  I've been so busy lately to write proper recipe blogs, I figured maybe I should at least try to jog down a few notes.  

.SNAPPER.  marinate with garlic salt, pepper, vegetables oil, red pepper flakes, lemon zest

>> pan seared on nonstick pan 4 minutes on each side, don't fiddle with it - just drop on hot pan with a little oil and let it sit for the whole 4 minutes before flipping

 .SAUCE. 1/2 cup Pink Grigio, 1 small tangerine juice, 1 lemon juice, black pepper (mix all together), minced garlic, chopped up small amount of cilantro, generous amount of sugar, 1/4 stick of butter, 1/2 cup of half and 1/2

>> in a small pot, add oil and garlic.  Stir until golden, then add the juice mix.  Stir on high heat until reduce a little.  Add sugar to taste - enough to take the tartness away. Add butter, turn heat down, add half and half cream.  Stir well and turn heat off.  Add cilantro  (pour of top of seared fish when plating)

.SPINACH. 1 box of baby spinach, a couple clove of garlic, 1 small onion

>> on a large pan add oil, garlic, and onion.  Stir fry until garlic is golden, sprinkle a little salt all around the pan, add spinach.  Mix until spinach looks slightly wilted, turn heat off right away to prevent from over cooking. 

.RICE. Come on you must know how to make rice :) 


Snapper with citrus Pino Grigio butter cream sauce  

Snapper with citrus Pino Grigio butter cream sauce  

Flirty Fleurs

It's almost end of the summer and the thought of Autumn just around the corner is exciting yet depressing at the same time for me.  I love summer!!  Most of all, I love to wear breezy summer dresses!!  I decided to throw a summer party with flower theme.  Summer + Flowers = Happiness  I planned it out and even designed a special floral party invitation.  I went to the flower district in Manhattan to pick out a group of my favorite colorful silk flowers to make handmade floral headpieces.  I had a vision that all the girls will wear their beautiful floral dresses and crown with my handmade floral headpieces.  The boys hopefully would wear a flower shirt or something light, and I will make green leis for them.  And what's a party without food, so I came up with a full menu of home cooked little pretty finger food.  The overly ambitious me always think that I can pull this off.  And I am proud to say that I did!  The party was perfect, all of my favorite ladies showed up with their brightest floral dresses.  It was a perfect end to a happy summer of 2013.      

All food were made by me, please check out my food blog here for some of my other recipes.