New Year ------> New Playlist 01.11.16

The process of looking for new artist that I enjoy listening to have been hard.  I tend to gravitate towards one type.  I can't really explain them, they are sad, quirky, folky, and definitely not pop.  These are some new to me, some old with new songs I haven't heard.  

Looking For You by The Lone Bellow is my favorite from this list...

The Lone Bellow - Looking For You Recorded Live: 10/29/2013 - Mill City Nights (Minneapolis, MN)


I've been a big fan of this brilliant singer song writer David Ford from Eastbourne, United Kingdom.  He's a solo artist similar to Damien Rice but he seems to not get the attention that Damien got.  I love them both because I have the knack for attracting to all things depressing when it comes to music.  I like to feel the artist's heart as he's singing his songs.  I was fortunate to catch one of his show in Mercury Lounge years ago.  Small intimate venues are the best for you to connect with the artist. One of my favorite show.  The greatest artists come from the pure natural talent to play instruments.  Watching him creating magic on stage that one night was enough for me to become a fan for life.  I respect true musical talent which is rare to find these days.  Finally had time to buy his latest albums.  Almost forgot how wonderful this man truly is...

"stand with our eyes to the sun" -David Ford

"stand with our eyes to the sun" -David Ford