Beads me pretty

It's all in the details!!  Often when we create spaces, some tend to forget the details, the final touch that make the space alive.  I've been drooling over the work of this one bead artist, Binka Rigava.  I found out about her through my talented designer friend Lindsay Broad, who is a restaurant | hotel designer from Puccini Group.  Lindsay and her co-worker Ashley Wilkins commissioned the artist to work on art pieces for the remodel of the restaurant and bar interiors at Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans.  You can read more about how they come about the concept here at the Puccini Blog.  It was magic!  They had these beautiful portrait photographs of showgirls in the 20s and 30s which were taken by the famous New York City based Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston, and printed them on canvas.  They were wearing these beautiful gowns, which brought back into life when artist Binka did the most amazing embroidery work of colorful beads.  These pieces were then framed and displayed throughout the restaurant.  Her intricate handwork on the details blew my mind away!  This is one successful collaborative story between designers and artists.